About Me

I consider myself a technologist. The drive for my involvement with technology is really just wanting to be able to make things do new things. I don’t like being told that something “can’t” work a certain way when I think it can. I’ve been quite blessed to have several opportunities to explore this further both professionally and personally. I also strongly associate my faith in Christ with my work in technology and spend time solving technology problems for ministries. I hope the things I share on this site are helpful to you.

About this Blog

I decided to start writing this blog primarily because I enjoy writing good documentation on the things that I spend my time doing. Rarely is there a weekend where I don’t decide to tackle some sort of project in my homelab (except over the summer when mowing the grass is endless). Most of the posts here are based on things that have come up in my everyday walk with technology. I’m writing these blog entries from the perspective of being your “fellow nerd” (hence the name). We’re all in this technology journey together.

Requisite Disclaimer

The statements I make on this blog are my personal opinion only and do not reflect those of my employer or any other entity.